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1 History Of Detroit - Wikipedia
The city of Detroit, the largest city in the state of Michigan, was settled in 1701 by French colonists. It is the first European settlement above tidewater in North America. Founded as a New France fur trading post, it began to expand with British and American settlement around the Great Lakes in the nineteenth century, and resource exploitation.

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2 Détroit (michigan) — Wikipédia
Détroit [d e. t ʁ w a] [5] Écouter (en anglais : Detroit [d ɪ ˈ t r ɔ ɪ t] [6]) est la principale ville de l'État du Michigan aux États-Unis, largement plus connue que sa capitale Lansing, et siège du comté de Wayne.

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3 Detroit - Wikipedia
Early settlement. Paleo-Indian people inhabited areas near Detroit as early as 11,000 years ago including the culture referred to as the Mound-builders. In the 17th century, the region was inhabited by Huron, Odawa, Potawatomi and Iroquois peoples.

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4 Detroit Streets - History Detroit
A list of Detroit streets and how some of them got their names.

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5 Histoire De L'automobile — Wikipédia
L'histoire de l'automobile rend compte de la naissance et de l'évolution de l'automobile, invention technologique majeure qui a considérablement modifié les sociétés de nombreux pays au cours du XX e …

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6 Automobile - History Of The Automobile | …
Automobile - History of the automobile: Unlike many other major inventions, the original idea of the automobile cannot be attributed to a single individual. The idea certainly occurred long before it was first recorded in the Iliad, in which Homer (in Alexander Pope’s translation) states that Vulcan in a single day made 20 tricycles, which ...

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7 Tunnel History - Detroit-windsor Tunnel
Tunnel Construction History. The Detroit-Windsor Tunnel was the first vehicular subway ever built between two nations. At the time of its construction, two other tunnels were in use in the United States — the Holland Tunnel in New York and the George A. Posey Tunnel connecting Oakland and …

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8 1900-1930: The Years Of Driving Dangerously - The …
The very first gasoline-powered vehicle driven on the streets of Detroit was built by engineer Charles Brady King in 1896. It went as fast as 20 miles per hour, which was described in the ...

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9 The First Car - A History Of The Automobile - …
What Was The First Car? A Quick History of the Automobile for Young People. by William W. Bottorff. Several Italians recorded designs for wind driven vehicles.

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10 The Life Of The Automobile: The Complete History …
The Life of the Automobile: The Complete History of the Motor Car [Steven Parissien] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The Life of the Automobile is the first comprehensive world history of the car. The automobile has arguably shaped the modern era more profoundly than any other human invention

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11 Detroit, Mi - Forbes
Profile. Detroit remains a metonym for the American automobile industry and a significant source of popular music legacies celebrated by the city's two familiar nicknames, the “Motor City” and ...

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12 United States History - General Motors Corporation
General Motors (GM) was formed in 1908 as a holding company for Buick. William Crapo "Billy" Durant was the company owner at the time. During the company's early years, Durant went on a shopping spree for automobile manufacturers.

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13 1920's Automobiles
T he rapidly growing automobile industry led by Henry Ford and the Ford Motor Company produced new and better models every year to supply the insatiable public demand.

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14 Ford Motor Company Incorporated - History
At 9:30 in the morning on this day in 1903, Henry Ford and other prospective stockholders in the Ford Motor Company meet in Detroit to sign the official paperwork required to create a new corporation.

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15 History Of Early American Automobiles 1861-1929 …
The overland automobile experienced phenonomal growth for the next ten years. Only the Ford company had more sales. During that time, Willys merged with Curtis Aircraft and this made him president of that company.

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