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1 Appareil De Mesure De L'activité De L'eau Par Point De ...
Newsletter - Key concepts in water activity basics for safety & quality in food products Newsletter - Molds in and on foods Newsletter - The Temperature Dependence of Water Activity in Foods

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2 Gbx Water Activity
Water activity indicates how tightly water is bound in a product. It is a direct measurement of the active or ‘free’ water in a product that is available to participate in the chemical reactions that promote spoilage and bacterial growth.

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3 Meter Food | Food Quality Assurance For The …
Measure the water activity of any sample with the first water activity sensor completely unaffected by volatiles. The 4TDL is best for measuring the water activity of volatile products. The 4TDL is best for …

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4 Water Activity Measurement - Moisture Meter - …
The Whitepaper contains detailed theory about water, water activity and water content. It also provides information on where and why it is important to measure water activity and how to perform water activity measurements.

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5 Gbx Welcome On Board!
At the beginning, the company had developped an instrument for the determination of the free water or AW. Then 1993, the Digidrop - contact angle meter - was created by GBX for the studies of wettability and interfacial tension.

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6 Distributors | Novasina Ag
Water Activity MEFOSA - MENA Food Safety Associates s.a.r.l. Lions Building # 301, 126 Sourati Street P.O. Box 113-6382 LB – Hamra, Beirut Tel: +961 1 745744

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7 Raw Water And Drinking Water - Sade
The design, construction and maintenance of water networks is SADE’s historic business activity. From its very beginning, SADE has been providing assistance to local authorities in the field of drinking water conveyance and distribution networks, to satisfy ever-increasing consumption.

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8 Ultraflux - Expert In Portable Ultrasonic Flowmeters …
On the occasion of the Pollutec Fair, dedicated to equipment, technologies and services of the environment, Ultraflux waits for you in the stand 5 – […]

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9 Zenner | Facs And Figures
With over 1,000 employees, we produce and supply water meters and heat meters for over 90 countries, worldwide. You will find the facts and figures for ZENNER here

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10 Impact Of Temperature And Water Activity On …
Water activity of samples was measured using an Aqualab water activity meter (model CX-2, Decagon devices, Pullman, USA). Moisture content was estimated using the gravimetric method. All samples were prepared in triplicate, and the coefficients of variation of the analysis were 1.6 and 0.6 %, respectively, for water content and water activity measurement.

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11 Home | Novasina Ag
Precision measurement instruments for air humidity, pressure and water activity. Novasina is a Swiss company with global presence and manufacturer of premium measuring instruments for climatic parameters in industrial processes and water activity in solids and liquids.

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12 Water Consumption - European Commission
The supply of drinking water is one of the three aspects of Nantes Métropole's water policy, developed and implemented within the context of the NEPTUNE Programme. Water consumption per inhabitant (excluding industrial and agricultural water loss) :

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1 Water Consumption - European Commission
Water consumption breakdown by user category in ... The systematic metering in place since 2001 and the meter-subscription regulation for all ... activity sectors ...

2 Effect Of Addition Of Natural Antioxidants On The Shelf ...
Effect of Addition of Natural Antioxidants on the Shelf-Life ... (5 g) weight loss. Water activity was determined using ... Cédex, France) water activity meter, ...

3 Water Activity And Water Content: Comparative Effects On ...
Water activity and water content: ... BANA, Laboratoire de Biotechnologie, CUM, F-21 100 Dijon, France ... meter, cut from a 6 ...

4 La Revue Scientifique Viandes & Produits Carnés
Réunion, France ; 2 Université de la Réunion, ... (Aqualab, 4TE Dewpoint Water Activity meter) et d’un pH-mètre (Hanna Instrument, HI 2210) ...

5 Municipal, Suburbs Of Paris, France Syndicat Des Eaux D ...
Municipal, Suburbs of Paris, France Syndicat des Eaux d’Ile de France ... (Ile-de-France Water Authority) ... • Launch of the 3rd generation remote meter reading.

6 Journal Of Food Engineering -
Water activity (a w) was measured in minced samples with a fast water activity-meter (GBX scientific FA-st/1, Cédex, France).

7 H3r 7000 Tritium Condenser -
SDEC France Z.I. de la Gare - B ... it measures absolute humidity of this air to know with accuracy the water quantity per cubic meter ... Tritium activity contained ...

8 Crystallization Of The Supersaturated Sucrose Solutions In ...
the water activity of boiled sugar mixture ... crystallization, sugars, water activity, ... measured at 20°C using an electronic dew-point water activity meter, ...

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